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Substation Journeymen are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any emergency power distribution services. For regularly scheduled maintenance, we provide a summary of your equipment, and observations outlining your current conditions and proposed courses of action.

Depending on the size of the substation and types of equipment, you may wish to expand the basic program to meet your individual requirements. We follow the IHSA safe work practices guidelines, the C.E.C and Ontario Electrical Safety Code rules and regulations.

Our Services

DangerWe supply a full range of construction, maintenance, testing and emergency services regarding your High Voltage power systems.

Our procedures are consistent with Utility Pre-Service Inspection and Insurance Company Loss of Use coverage requirements.

Substation Construction

We can advise on the requirements for and the installation of all  your High Voltage equipment needs. For example, our list of Standard Modular Substation components is as follows:

  1. Steel or aluminum structure, lattice construction or free standing, terminal pole
  2. Incoming phase strain insulators
  3. Main isolating switch. Load break or air break
  4. Aluminum tubular buswork complete with connectors
  5. Bus support insulators and clamps
  6. Surge (lightning) arresters, intermediate class, distribution or station
  7. Power fuses, mounts, holders and refills complete
  8. Flexible cable drops to transformers
  9. Structure and transformer foundations
  10. Transformer, tamper proof or TLO
  11. Switch operating linkage, handle, interlocks, and connectors
  12. Gradient control mat
  13. Equipment grounding conductors/connectors
  14. Fuse caution sign
  15. Fence and grounding cables/connectors
  16. Ground rod, connectors and inspection box
  17. Fence enclosure
  18. Danger signs

Protection, Co-ordination, Short Circuit, Arc Flash

We offer technical services related to the protection and control of your high voltage system up to and including your main low voltage service entrance equipment. This service includes co-ordination studies field testing of many different breakers and relays. Also complete short circuit and arc flash studies. Infrared, Ultra Sonic and Partial Discharge testing.

Underground Cable Installations and Locating

We offer installation of cable ductbanks, cable installation and termination. We also provide field acceptance testing, ie. Hi Pot (High Potential D.C.) testing and Time Domain Reflectometer testing of high voltage cable installations. We offer underground cable location services using the latest available technology.

Co-Generation Projects

We offer supply and installation of Co-Generation projects including viability analysis, material acquisition, installation, operation and continuing maintenance programs.


Complete Substation Maintenance Includes…

  • Air Break Switch: Alignment check; contact compression or wipe check; contact cleaning and lubrication;   linkage check and lubrication; minor corrosion touch-up; insulator inspection and cleaning; insulation test;   electrical connections checked for tightness; and mounting bolts checked tight.
  • Load Interrupter: Includes all Air break Switch items and interrupter inspection; dismantling; continuity check; carbon tracking and accumulation; linkage lubrication; gasket inspection; and internal contact reconditioning.
  • Insulator Inspection, Testing and Cleaning: Check for chipped porcelain; cement deterioration; radial cracks;   glaze deterioration; copper splash or wash damage; clean surface.   Polymer insulators are inspected for surface degradation.
  • Lightning Arrester Inspection and Testing: Inspect for cracks and cement deterioration; clean porcelains; corrosion preventative touch-up; ground conductor inspection; electrical connections tightened.
  • Structure and/or Metal Clad: Check for corrosion and deterioration; touch up paint where necessary.
  • Electrical Connections: Checked for tightness.
  • Fence Bonding: Checked for proper condition and tested with a ground clamp
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance: Check contact compression; baffle, arc chute, and arc quencher inspection and alignment; blow-out coil assembly inspection; contact cleaning and lubrication; operating mechanism cleaning and lubrication; trip testing; check protective features; cleaning of all parts, contact resistance testing. Relay testing is available upon request
  • Fuse Inspection and Test: Check alignment and adjust; contact cleaning and lubrication; lubrication of dropout mechanism; corrosion preventative touch-up; co-ordination and continuity check; mounting and ground inspection. Fuse link data is recorded.
  • Transformer Maintenance and Test: Bushing cleaning and inspection; radiator inspection; inspect for oil leaks; insulation resistance testing of windings; check all electrical connections; check all indicator gauges; paint touch-up; ratio and phase angle test; check for conductor strain on bushings; oil sample and complete analysis.
  • Primary and Secondary Cable Inspection and Test: All applicable items; check all electrical connections; termination inspection; pot head inspection; megger test insulation; bonding and sheath inspection; DC Hi Pot on request.


Our tradespeople hold valid CET CTECH, Construction & Maintenance Certificates of Qualification or Certificates of Registration as Power Maintenance Electricians and/or Certificates of Achievement.

As a member of the IHSA, we are a recognized High Voltage testing and commissioning authority. Our organization has never suffered a lost time accident, successfully providing our services in all parts of Canada, the United States of America, and the Caribbean.

Ontario Electrical League/Code of Ethics

Ontario Electrical Leage/Code of Ethics details

Wilson High Voltage Inc. is a member of the O.E.L (Ontario Electical League), IHSA (Infrastructure Health & Safety Association), and the IAEI (International Association of Electrical Inspectors).

Safety and Security

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace
  • Commit to excellence in meeting customer expectations
  • Ensure that ethical conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified by all employees
  • Agree to complete all work in full compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code
  • Agree to engage in fair business practice including:
    - Following proper tendering procedures
    - Maintenance of appropriate Liability Insurance
    - Using qualified and/or certified employees
    -Avoidance of conflict of interest situations
  • Respect and welcome fair competition, keeping the customer’s best interests in the forefront
  • Recognize the value of education of best practices and procedures for employees and customers alike
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of all government authorities to ensure good service, quality of workmanship and public safety
  • Strive to make a positive contribution to local community endeavors, and contribute as a good corporate citizen


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